BREES​TM system gives  the competitive advantage

Verify Background, References, Education, Employment and Social Media

Matching employers with employees for 20+ years


Start by uploading resume to the system and add any information needed


Highly efficient BREES system will verify the uploaded resume


The resume will be ready to use with BREES verified logo

Winners needed

Time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Time to stand up and be counted. Time to put your cards on the table and show your hand.

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1. Want to join a recruitment business going somewhere?
2. Happy to work commission only Business Development and prove how good you are?
3. Can bring a book of existing clients?
4. Want to call up warm leads supplied to you daily?
5. Want to work for home and create wealth for yourself?
6. Want to promote a USP no one else has in the world that hiring managers want to buy 1st?
7. Need to make at least $10,000 a month in commission from business win fees?

If you said ‘YES’ at least 6 times, GCN Staffing want to talk with you today. If you said ‘YES’ 7 times, then what are you waiting for?

You sound like a driven sales professional and winner. Be a winner with GCN Staffing and start a career that will lead to personal wealth and job fulfilment thru delivering sales.

Why is finding the right people harder than ever?

Job boards, hiring apps and careless recruiters can overwhelm your inbox with resumes of candidates who lack the needed skillset or don’t fit your firm’s culture.


At GCN, we figure out your organization’s need & secure the most competent staff for you. We have brought to you our revolutionary screening method BREES™ that helps you to get pre-screened candidates. According to our survey, 96% of hiring managers would like to schedule an interview for a pre-screened resume containing the BREES™ icon. The candidates who go through the screening have more accurate & verified information that reduces the hiring process’s tussle by more than half.

We have a tech-savvy & efficient team of recruiters to navigate you through the recruitment process pathway. We provide the most flexible working schedule. Also, we have a strong connection and a growing database of 25,000,000 resumes that ensures our success.

BREES (In-depth screening system), Lead, Extensive Network & Flexible Schedule – are the aspects that will let you choose us & we are the best choice for staffing and recruiting solutions

What is BREES™ system?

Nowadays, the number of job applicants have boosted at a high rate. Consequently, the job market has become way too competitive & challenging to retain the top talent your company needs to grow. GCN Staffing & Recruiting wants to make sure that your company may not lag behind to choose the right candidate for your organization. Our certified BREES™ system is a revolution to the recruiters & hiring managers during the recruitment process.

BREES stands for:

B – Background Check Verified

R – Reference Check Verified

E-Education Check Verified

E – Employment Verified 

S – Social Media Profile Verified 

We filter candidates through the BREES™ system on our website, Resume Certified. Hence we put forward pre-screened candidates for your company with more accurate & verified information. Our surveyed candidates are more likely to schedule an interview with a pre-screened resume that contains the BREES™ icon. Hence we lower the hassle of the hiring process more than half and are the best choice for staffing & recruiting solutions.


Do you want to recruit from home?

We Provide Turnkey Recruitment Solution.


What people say about us

Dan lead our strategic workforce planning program which enabled us to restructure our US organisation allowing for the sale of our UK operations to Shell. The organisational restructure was executed whilst his delivery team continued to hire great talent across our Houston, Toronto and UK offices.