An Innovative
Approach to
Staffing & Recruiting


An Innovative
Approach to
Staffing & Recruiting



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Solving Recruitment Using Technology

Companies all over the world are searching for potential employees to become a part of their teams. The hiring process can be long and arduous, sometimes taking months before the perfect candidate is found. The longer the hiring process, the more it costs. This can cause the company to go over budget or even result in the company settling on an inferior candidate. Using technology in the hiring process is a great way to speed things up, allowing companies to find the right employee at the right price.

Enter our very own Unique BREES™ that gives you the competitive advantage you deserve. Verify your Background, References, Education, Employment and Social Media TODAY!

Key Advantages of using the BREES

1.       Sourcing the Best – Get pre-screened and certified resume that provide you with the best of the talent for your Company.

2.       Volume Hiring – With our automated process of screening that uses the 25M+ certified resumes as a source, scale your hiring activities like never before

3.       Resume Management – automated resume screening sorting by keywords or phrases, and automated candidate profiles for faster scheduling of interviews


Why is finding the right people harder than ever?

Job boards, hiring apps and careless recruiters can overwhelm your inbox with resumes of candidates who lack the needed skillset or don’t fit your firm’s culture.

At GCN, we figure out your organization’s needs and secure the most competent staff for you. We have brought to you our revolutionary screening method BREES™ that helps you to get pre-screened candidates. According to our survey, 96% of hiring managers would like to schedule an interview for a pre-screened resume containing the BREES™ icon. The candidates who go through the screening have more accurate & verified information that reduces the hiring process’s tussle by more than half.

We have a tech-savvy & efficient team of recruiters to navigate you through the recruitment process pathway. We provide the most flexible working schedule. Also, we have a strong connection and a growing database of 25,000,000 resumes that ensures our success.

BREES™ (In-depth screening system), Lead, Extensive Network and Flexible Schedule – are the aspects that will let you choose us & we are the best choice for staffing and recruiting solutions

Resume Certified


Michael Woloshin

“Our goal is to outproduce 80% of your current vendors combined.”

Michael Woloshin

Michael Woloshin is the Founder and Largest Shareholder of (NASDAQ:RCRT) (NASDAQ:RCRTW), one of the largest recruiter platforms in the world. Michael Woloshin is a highly skilled, entrepreneurial-minded leader with decades of experience in business development, marketing, and brand building. Michael was the driving force behind developing, expanding and managing and Candidates On Demand Group, which was ranked No. 4 in the Crain’s New York Business list of the New York Area’s Largest Executive Recruiters. Mr. Woloshin also owns and operates multiple Internet companies including Cicero Transact Group, Global Career Networks, Job Channel Network, Name Your Fee, and the CandidateXchange, among others. Mr. Woloshin is also a strategic investor with a keen focus on management’s ability to execute. “Over the years I have developed a strong Rolodex and look to utilize these contacts for the betterment of the companies we represent with Cicero and Global Career Networks.


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